In 2011, streak running legend Robert “Raven” Kraft told Laura Lee, “You need to meet Mary Beth. I think you two would be good friends.” Since their introduction, Laura Lee and photographer Mary Beth Koeth have collaborated on many projects while residing in the colorful city of Miami Beach. In July 2012, they launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, “Running with Raven,” to record Raven’s story and document Miami Beach history and culture.

In fall 2012, Travelocity announced their “Gnomenabbing Competition.” The company’s mascot, the Roaming Gnome, was “going to nab one lucky person from their boring surroundings” and send her plus a friend on a trip around the world. The contest called for one-minute video submissions explaining why the contestant should be nabbed. Laura Lee and Mary Beth’s video, “Gnomemansland,” was selected as a finalist. To garner support, Mary Beth and Laura Lee created a second video, “Gnomelovers’ Anonymous.” When they did not win, the recent conclusion of the presidential race inspired them to released an official concession speech. To see the three videos of the campaign, please visit:     

In December 2013, Mary Beth and Laura Lee traveled to Kenya together. As Laura Lee interviewed the General, Mary Beth took portraits of the people and environment. Mary Beth’s work is featured on many pages of "The Boy is Gone: Conversations with a Mau Mau General", and she also created the video trailers. In January 2014, Laura Lee wrote a cover story on Raven for Southwest/AirTran’s in-flight magazine, and Mary Beth again enhanced the story with her beautiful photographs. 

If you have a story, a product, an event, or an idea that you’d like documented or enhanced through Mary Beth’s lens and Laura Lee’s words, please contact us.  

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